Would You Rather? movie review (contains spoilers)

A few weeks ago, I watched a film called Would You Rather?, where a young woman named Iris has a brother, Raleigh, and he has Leukemia but they cannot afford to pay for his treatment. Iris is introduced to Shepard Lambrick and he offers her a deal; if she can complete a game as the winner, his foundation will pay for Raleigh’s treatment and find him a suitable bone marrow donor. Iris goes along to Lambrick’s dinner party, where he will be holding the game, and it turns out to be a game of ‘Would You Rather?’, sounds simple right? WRONG. In Lambrick’s version of the game, the players have to act on their choices instead of explaining them, only the outcomes can be fatal. In the first round, Lambrick’s butler, Bevans, brings out an electrocution device and attaches it to the heads of two players and gives one of them a box with two buttons on it. One of the buttons, when pressed, electrocutes themselves and the other button electrocutes the other player, if the player does not make a choice, they will be ‘eliminated’, in other words, they will be killed. The film continues in this manner, with outrageous options given to the players and characters dropping like flies. In the end, Iris is left with one other player, Lucas, and the option to either end the game where both herself and Lucas can leave, empty handed but alive, or she has to shoot Lucas, meaning she gets the money and Lambrick’s help in finding a donor for her brother. She chooses the latter and wins the game. Once the game is over, she returns home, only to go into Raleigh’s room and find his lifeless body lying on his bed after he committed suicide. The film ends with Iris screaming ‘What did you do?!’ in her brother’s room.

When we first put it on, I was rather skeptical about it, thinking that it wouldn’t be a very good movie but as it progressed I was cringing like nobody’s business and had to cover my eyes at certain parts such Lucas having to slit his own eye open! I’m never usually one to cover my eyes at movies but that was a must, I thought I was going to be sick! It’s the type of movie that has you thinking about what you would rather do if you found yourself in the same situation as the characters. Brittany Snow, who played Iris, played such a good part and made everything so believable, kudos to her! It was rather weird whilst watching it though because John Heard plays an alcoholic who is in debt and hearing him swear was strange because he plays Peter McCallister in the first two Home Alone movies, who is Kevin’s dad. After seeing him in such a child friendly movie and then seeing him as the complete opposite type of character in Would You Rather? made me realise how much of a good actor he is!

Some scenes in the movie are rather gory, like when Bevans shoots someone in the head and the blood and brains of the guy spurt across the room and when another character, Travis, is whipped to death and it shows all the cuts across his back that are oozing with blood. It’s definitely not a movie for the faint-hearted!

The ending of the movie was gutting because Iris went through so much to get the money so that her brother could be treated and she goes home to find him dead. I got the feeling that was going to happen and I literally sat there begging for her brother to be alive when she got back.

Overall, I found it to be a really good movie and I’d definitely watch it again. I’d also recommend it to others, as long as they don’t mind gore and cringe-worthy moments!


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